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From: Reid Sweatman (reids_at_[hidden])
Date: 1999-07-08 17:02:47

That's strange. I compile with exception specifications enabled, and I
never see that warning. Furthermore, the exception mechanism *mostly* works
as it should. Is it possible that it's the message and its help that are in
error? Maybe they just didn't update them when the code changed out from
under them. One thing that annoys the hell out of me is how MS help
(especially if you have MSDN present) seems to want to shunt you to anything
but what you want, probably on the grounds that it's not the latest and
greatest vaporpoop. For instance, it's almost impossible to get
context-sensitive help on anything in C or C++ to go to anything but
something that's MFC-related. I've actually gone to the trouble of editing
the .COL file in MSDN (it's an XML file actually) to get rid of stuff I
don't want to see.

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> I'll let you decide for yourself whether you should email me a beer
> or not. MS just ignores exception specifications alltogether - not
> exactly what I'd call an optimization, but it means we don't have to
> worry about a performance hit when specifying throw on a destructor.
> (We also never gain a performance boost by the calling function taking
> advantage of the throw specification, of course.)
> The information I'm going off of is old, but is latest that I know of.
> For example, with the latest (and greatest?) VC6 SP3, compiling a file
> with exception specifications results in this warning:
> = warning C4290: C++ Exception Specification ignored
> But the help for the warning includes this:
> = At this time the implementation details of exception
> specification have
> = not been standardized, and are accepted but not implemented
> in Microsoft
> = Visual C++.
> Probably about the same vintage as their standard library
> implementation.
> What a mess.

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