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From: Howard Hinnant (hinnant_at_[hidden])
Date: 1999-11-26 20:42:01

This looks very good. But I couldn't find the relational operators (!=,
>, etc.). I know you have them because you use them, but they didn't make it.
 After I added them to your appropriate classes things ran fine.

Dietmar are you listening? :-) Just took a first look at your array.hpp.
 I like it, but it doesn't compile with CodeWarrior. size_t is undefined
outside of std. Given the current state of things, an elegant solution
is probably not forthcoming.

Here's what I do: I define the following two macros:

#define _STD ::std
#define _CSTD ::std

I use _STD to prefix C++ objects when necessary and _CSTD to prefix C
objects when necessary. If the C objects aren't within std, then a
configuration header defines _CSTD as:

#define _CSTD

So array.hpp might look like:

  template <typename T, _CSTD::size_t sz>

In a configuration file up above _CSTD will be defined to either nothing
or to ::std depending upon where the C library sits.

Maybe these should be BOOST_STD and BOOST_CSTD so they don't conflict
with vendor macros.


jsiek_at_[hidden] wrote on 11/26/99 6:58 PM
>I've attached my implementation of the iterator ops idea. It uses
>friend functions for almost all the operators (including postfix
>inc/dec), and uses static casts for the two member functions, op-> and
>I've compiled with g++ and it should work with SGI CC as well.
>I've also attached a short test program.

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