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From: Herb Sutter (hsutter_at_[hidden])
Date: 1999-12-08 10:45:44

Gret wrote:
>From: Herb Sutter <hsutter_at_[hidden]>
>> Greg wrote:
>> >I'm not sure whether we have a library issue or not,
>> Yes, but the issue is with vector<bool>, not with the iterator requirements.
>But vector<bool> can't be fixed, and can't be killed either.

Yeah. Bummer, eh? (This isn't a facetious comment: To harmonize the standard, we
must fix the container/allocator/iterator requirements, fix vector<bool>, or
kill vector<bool>. Those options are presenting in decreasing order of
difficulty. The first is impossible and will never happen IMO; hence "bummer,
eh?" that the only other two options "can't" be done.)

>I don't mind breaking libraries if it will help users, and I suspect
>that such libraries will eventually cone afoul of their users, if not
>the standard.

Neither do I, and Howard has already posted an anecdotal existence proof for
this problem, respectively.

>Just because we relax requirements on the iterators doesn't mean
>we have to relax them on the containers. I'm wanting to give more
>leeway to users of the algorithms, not to implementors of the

If you can come up with a change proposal that won't break user code, I'm sure
the LWG will be interested. I'm not arguing against this, I'm merely trying to
point out and describe the problem.


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