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From: Nicolai Josuttis (nicolai.josuttis_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-01-04 15:47:18

Beman Dawes wrote:
> At 08:02 PM 1/4/00 +0100, Nicolai Josuttis wrote:
> >attached you can find an awk script that I use to
> >generate all my HTML pages of the book and boost examples.
> >I have cleaned it up so that you should be able to
> >read and use it easily.
> >Any feedback and improvement is welcome.
> Great! It worked first time for me. I didn't even know awk was on
> my machine; apparently it was installed as part of cygwin32 during
> gcc installation.
> Two small nits, both applying only to comments:
> First, setting size=-1 results in unreadably small comments on my
> machine with both IE 5.0 and Netscape 3.0.
Hmmm, I sues this for all of my book examples and never
got any complain like this.
Should I really fix this (note that it makes the code
more important thahn the comment)?

> Second, comments are often carefully formatted under the assumption
> that a mono-space font will be used. Use of Arial,Helvetica screws
> up this assumption, resulting in less than optimal display.
Are you sure?
I like this style a lot because it looks really different
and it takes less space than mono-spaced font.
How think the others about it?
What should be default?

> Both are fixed by changing:
> COMBEG = "<I><FONT face=\"Arial,Helvetica\"" COMCOL "size=-1>"
> to:
May be, I leave it as it is and users are frr to modify it
(may be I insert a comment with the other version).

> One additional thought about #includes. Lots of boost code writes
> them like this: #include <boost/operators.hpp>. It would be nice to
> turn that into a hyperlink, perhaps keying on "boost/" after an
> include.
Hmmm, that's difficult!
First, do we have a policy to put all headers in a subdirectory boost?
So far, I don't do it with my boost sources.
Sorry for not knowing this.
Second, as "..." usualy looks for local files and <...> for standard
files and as I usually don't know the path to standard files
this policy was a good way to handle all local stuff, which should be under
investigation when writing programs.
If I add the same for boost, where should I consider boost file
to be in relation to the original file?
 - same directory?
 - subdirectory boost
 - sibling directory boost
 - ...
In any way, this would be a special hack for boost.
So far, the script is generic for any C++ code.
Is it worth it?

> Seems like a nice addition to the boost site - Thanks!
> I will wait a couple of days before posting it on the boost site to
> give others a chance to comment.
I also have to fix the copyright stuff.
Wait for a new version.

> --Beman


Nicolai M. Josuttis 
Solutions in Time        	mailto:solutions_at_[hidden]

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