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From: Dave Steffen (steffend_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-03-06 18:20:17

> Replacing endl with nl trades one efficiency problem for another
> (albeit smaller) one. As it stands now, as long as the industry
> literature makes clear to users "don't use std::endl unless a flush
> is called for", hopefully users will turn to the alterative of:
> cout << "First line\nSecond line";
> or one of its more readable cousins like:
> cout <<
> "First line" "\n"
> "Second line";

 ?? How does that work? Am I missing something?

> Providing a nl encourages the code that is the equivalent of:
> cout << "First line" << "\n" << "Second line";

 Agreed... although, is it that big a slowdown? Or, alternately, is it
 that hard for a compiler to optimize?

 Personally, I got very used to 'endl' before reading Scott Meyer's
 article; I went to 'nl' because I'm used to that kind of thing, find
 it fast to type and easy to read. (My code is all numerical, the I/O
 is something like .001% of the run time. ;-)

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