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From: Martin Schürch (martin.schuerch_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-03-08 06:40:40


>> but is true when written like [1,2] < interval(2), because the
>> introduces some tolerance.
>> I think when intervall should be used in other areas this lost of
exact control
>> is one of the main problems.
>For operator<, the problem is most obvious. Do we also need special
>of the other arithmetic operators+,-,*,/, which would not introduce
>tolerance for operations involving RealType's?

IMO the user should always know for sure if tolerances are possibly
added or not.
I had a brief look at the link a booster posted yesterday
There this problem is solved with an additional flag. IMO a different
classname would
perhaps be better e.g. fix_intervall.

>> 1) scale relative to a given value
>> 2) special case for scale-point == median()
>I have implemented points 1-5. I think that points 3-5 are
>obvious requirements which should be fulfilled. However,
>I'm not sure what to make of points 1-2: scale(). Do you have an
>example where it is useful?

I will present an example of a current problem of mine.
Supose you have an intervall [a,b] where a represents the minimal and b
the maximal derivation to get from a point y[i] to y[i+1]:

intervall I = getMinMaxDer();
I *= ds; // I is now dy intervall

I = scale( I, I.median(), 0.95 ); // introduce some security factor
I += y[i]; // is now absolut

I think there are a lot useful situations more general than that.
scale can also be interpreted as a linear affine transform of an

>> Yes it also has the same problems, but propably the user does not
expect as
>> much
>> from a function called "set_less_eq" as from "<"
>I still think it's useful for the error analysis use case,
>because some algorithm may say "if(x < 1) do_this(); else do_that();",
>and this should at least have a slight chance of working (if the width
>of x is not too large, and is not close to 1).

True. When the behaviour of the operators are clear they would have big


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