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From: Gary Powell (Gary.Powell_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-03-21 17:18:28

> Hi,
> This is an open request for comments and criticism. Martin Weiser and I
> have been working on a container adaptor template library for use with STL
> containers. This code is in an late alpha state, it compiles with gcc
> 2.95.2 but may have bugs. (MSVC 6.3 cannot handle it.)
> The basic design is to use layers of adaptors to build interesting
> "views" of the data without copying. The current alternative is to use
> Smart Iterators. The advantage of a view is that the data looks to a user
> like a STL container. Stack, queue, and priority queue have a similar
> pattern. Views are built mostly from either a transform_view, or a
> filter_view or a series of both in layers. For example, downcast_view is a
> transform_view using a dynamic_cast to the derived class, then a
> filter_view to skip the zero elements, then another transform_view to
> promote the pointers to references.
> This posting is to boost, because the readers of this list may be
> interested. (For interested readers there is an article in C/C++UJ April
> 2000 on it.)
> What we'd like is comments on code review, design review, usefulness,
> forward direction suggestions, etc.
> The library is at:
> -Gary-
> gary.powell_at_[hidden]

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