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From: Gary Powell (Gary.Powell_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-04-21 09:07:56

> Why not? are your views CopyConstructible and Assignable?
Yes, although it does depend on the underlying container.

> > If you always write:
> > using std::swap;
> > swap(view, view)
> >
> > and I have my own swap in my namespace (which for the moment doesn't
> compile
> > but I will work on this.) we can rely on Koening lookup to find the
> correct
> > swap and use that.
> Yes, I'm well aware of the available techniques and the drawbacks of each.
> Koenig lookup doesn't operate differently inside member function bodies as
> far as I know. Did I miss something?
As I understand it:
From: Alan Grithiths

    void UserClass::swap(UserClass& lhs, UserClass& rhs) {
        using std::swap;
        swap(,; // always calls std::swap
If it is a member function, then it will find std::swap<>. (Argument
dependent lookup aborts if a class member function name matches.)

    void UserClass::swap(UserClass& lhs, UserClass& rhs) {
        ::viewnamespace::swap(lhs.view, rhs.view); // calls

Unless this whole class is
template<class DataType> structUserClass {
DataType view;

In which case there is no way to know the ::viewnamespace .

Where Koenig lookup does include candidates from the namespace that
includes data_type.
    // Canonical example
    template<typename UserClass>
    void swap(UserClass& lhs, UserClass& rhs) {
        using std::swap;
        swap(lhs, rhs);

Where Koenig lookup does include candidates from the namespace that
includes data_type.

I'd be glad to follow the std but its really broken in this case.


It's a commonly used container, I need the trait<hash_map>, SGI put it in
the namespace std, Its not std,
 What would you like?
a) A seperate include file that can be used or not by users of hash_map.
b) use of defines to recognize that SGI STL is being used. And include the
file <hash_map> ?

This isn't important to me. I'm just trying to make this library as standard
complient as possible. It's just frustrating.


 I'm in the process of converting the files to .hpp, and making forward
includes. I can't very well complain about the lack of them, and then not
provide them myself.

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