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From: Daryle Walker (darylew_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-07-07 15:41:35

Hi. This is my first post to the list (I joined 1 Jul 2000).

I wonder how to propose changes to a file someone else is already working
on? Do I just post the changes to the list? Or do I upload an altered file
to the vault? Or do I try to contact the current people working on it?

The basic changes I want to make are to "operators.hpp." I want to add the
extensible operators that weren't included. The list of my proposed classes

idempotent (no requirements, unary +)
left_shiftable (have <<=, get << for self or other type [non-commutative])
right_shiftable (have >>=, get >> for self or other type [non-commutative])
member_dereferenceable (have [unary]*, get member pointer for iterated type)
zero_default_quantifiable (default value equivalent to zero, get bool and !)

I wrote implementations of the above structs. The current maintainer can
add the appropriate BOOST_*_TEMPLATE? macros. (The *_shiftable classes are
really in *able1 and *able2 versions.)

I also have suggestions for new operator policy struct templates

1. binary_integral2 and binary_integral
    + like operators(2)
    + adds idempotent, left_shiftable, right_shiftable,
       and zero_default_quantifiable
    + should act like the built-in integral types
      (actually, you would also need ~ and possibly unary -)

2. place_value_integral2 and place_value_integral
    + like binary_integral(2)
    - but removes bit operators (& | ^)
    + keeps << and >>, with shift by the radix instead of 2
    + (you would still have to add unary -, but not necessarily ~)
    - no built-in type acts like this, AFAIK

3. floating_number2 and floating_number
    + like place_value_integral(2)
    - but removes modulus (%) and shift (<< >>) operators
    + should act like the built-in floating types
      (actually, you would also need unary -)

4. unordered_number2 and unordered_number
    + like floating_number(2)
    - but removes ordered (< > <= >= ++ --) operators
    + should act like std::complex (floating) types
      (actually, you would also need unary -)

You could use inheritance here (4->3->2->1 or (4->3 and 2->1)). That funky
empty-base setup in operators.hpp could be used instead of inheritance.

The member_dereferenceable struct should be added to the iterator helper


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