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From: Mark Rodgers (mark.rodgers_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-09-03 04:48:21

Very nice. I did notice a couple of little things:

1. Your operator= binds a non-const reference to a temporary in
   the call to swap. Please change to

        any & operator=(const any & rhs)
            any temp(rhs);
            return swap(temp);

2. Your implementations of const and non-const versions of to_ptr
   are the wrong way round. In the const version, you cast away
   constness leading to undefined behaviour. You should put the
   work in the const version and cast away the constness of the
   return value in the non-const version.

3. I have a question mark over the implementation of to_ptr. If
   I write

      boost::any a(3);
      const int *pi = a.to_ptr<const int>();

   then it seems to me that I'll be casting content to
   holder<const int>, even though it's actually a holder<int>.
   Perhaps you need to use remove_const from type_traits
   in your cast.


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