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From: William Kempf (sirwillard_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-09-08 11:40:45

--- In boost_at_[hidden], "Bill Wade" <bill.wade_at_s...> wrote:
> > From: William Kempf [mailto:sirwillard_at_m...]
> > Here's a
> > quick "unsafe_lock" template to allow for the functionality being
> > requested using nothing but the current boost interface.
> Excellent.
> For code review let me suggest
> 1) Consider making locking recursive (change bool m_locked to size_t
> m_lock_count).

Not a good idea. We have two seperate concepts here, Mutex and
RecursiveMutex. The "unsafe_lock" template should not added
recursive locking to a non-recursive mutex. I also think it's not
likely to add much benefit to the over all design any way. The only
reason to include "unsafe_lock" is to allow for overlapping locks, in
which case you're not really going to likely re-lock the mutex any
way. In fact, I'd be in favor of taking lock() out of unsafe_lock
for this very reason.

> 2) m_lock might not be properly aligned. Change (these lines aren't
> adjacent)

This was a very quick hack to prove the concept, and was done on a
compiler known to be non-conforming by a programmer very entrenched
in it's use. Don't expect the implementation to be portable or final
even if the concept is accepted here.
> > unsafe_lock(M& mx) : m_mx(mx), m_locked(false) { lock(); }
> > new ((void*)m_lock) M::lock(m_mx);
> > char m_lock[sizeof(M::lock)];
> to
> unsafe_lock(M& mx): m_mx(mx), m_locked(true), m_lock(mx){}
> new((void*)&m_lock) M::lock(m_mx);
> M::lock m_lock
> and change every occurrence of "((M::lock*)m_lock)->" to "m_lock."

Interesting trick. A question though... if we have this code:

   mutex mx;
   unsafe_lock<mutex> lock(mx);

won't the m_lock.~basic_lock<M>() be called multiple times? That's
why I used an array to begin with.
> Mostly unrelated question:
> Have you got a way to atomically convert a non-recursive
> MutexTryLock::try_lock into a MutexLock::lock that can be used with
a cv?
> How do I get non-blocking access to a cv (and its associated mutex)?

I don't follow the question here, sorry. Could you re-ask and
possibly post pseudo-code illustrating it?

Bill Kempf

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