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From: David Abrahams (abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-10-10 10:13:47

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From: "Prabhu Ramachandran" <prabhu_at_[hidden]>

> hi,
> If you havent already looked at this (which I doubt) I think
> you should:

Yes, my thing should probably be on that list.

> BTW swig doesnt use perl at all, it is written in C++.

OK.... (?)

> I have a question. I have never been at the boost list (I am
> subscribed now). I wanted to know what exactly a review implies? Is
> it just a formalized discussion? Does it mean I can discuss any ideas
> related to py_cpp?? For instance, could I have mentioned the above
> url on the list?

Yes, yes, and yes. Please see for details.

> Looked at py_cpp in a bit more detail. It looks very good.


> >>>>> "David" == David Abrahams <abrahams_at_[hidden]> writes:
> David> The focus of this release was:
> David> 1. enabling all of the special member function names
> David> described at:
> David>
> David> ml except for those used for emulating numeric types.
> Great, but emulating numerical types are extremely important
> for folks like me. Say I have a matrix class and have the operators
> +, -, and * defined I surely would like to use it in a simlar fashion
> under python. That would be fantastic. Please consider this in the
> future.

It's not hard, really; just a bunch more typing. Do you want to add it? It's
formulaic ;-)
If not, I'm sure we could get it enabled in the next few days.

> David> 3. Enabling the wrapping of overloaded member functions and
> David> constructors. This work was a collaboration with Ullrich
> David> Koethe. Thanks, Ullrich!
> Wow. I wonder how you guys actually did this. Really cool.

We control the attribute lookup/function calling/error reporting rules for
the ExtensionClass types, so we can do almost anything we want.

> Docs would be great!

Thank you for so generously understating the case.

> David> Ullrich has done some excellent work on reflecting C++
> David> inheritance hierarchies in Python; I hope we'll be able to
> David> release it very soon.
> Oh wow! So soon code will be generated automagically, cant
> wait... ;)

I didn't mean to imply that. I meant to imply that if you have exposed C++
classes Base and Derived, and a C++ function declared to take a Base&
parameter, you will be able to pass a Derived instance from Python.

> David> The formal review period at boost for this library has
> David> begun. I hope that if you are interested in this library
> David> you will join the boost mailing list at and
> David> participate in the open-source feedback loop.
> Yes, I have joined. Dunno how much use I will be though.

Your feedback has already been valuable, thanks. Just make any further
comments to the list.


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