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From: Phil Edwards (pedwards_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-10-11 10:39:56

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 11:22:53AM -0400, David Abrahams wrote:
> I was about to download lynx, but couldn't figure out what anyone would want
> it for (other than this particular job). Can you motivate this tool for me?
> Ah. Maybe that's a reason to get lynx.

Conformance to HTML standards is one reason. Speed is another (fast
screen rendering (all text :-), no graphics, etc). Also the single-stroke
keypresses for navigation and commands make lynx a very suitable tool for
those who know how to use it. (The arguments are the same for vi, mutt,
trn, etc; it's "that kind of person"'s backup browser.)

> I hear that most of the automated tools generate garbage, by an
> HTML-expert's standards, but I'm not sure I do any better by hand. I sure
> wish someone else would weigh in on this; I don't know enough to speak with
> authority.

Simple and hand-generated is The Way To Go[tm]. As an extremely biased
example, I offer you

I did up the pages for g++'s next-generation library. They're pretty
straightforward and render well on all the major browsers. Very few
HTML elements are present apart from "paragraphs" and "lists". (That
auto-inserted imagemap of redhat at the top is an exception; I didn't do
that one.)

> Well, I don't think that reading std::pair<vector<int>::iterator,
> bool> is ever going to be pythonesquically easy, but I take your point.

For what it's worth, < , > , and & are about the only three
funky characters that you'll see anywhere in the site mentioned above.
I show a fair amount of C++ that uses <, >, and &, and the "official"
way of writing them is the only portable way to get them to /not/ be
treated as tag delimiters.

> what-the-heck-is-css-ly y'rs,
> dave

Oh... Content Style Sheets. There is some minimal CSS on the libstdc++-v3
site. That text-ish logo on top of the gray sidebar is about it. It will
be a Good Thing for web designers once browsers start supporting it more;
right now it's not good at much more than standardizing fonts and whatnot
across a set of pages. (They're trying to provide a standard alternative
to all the browser extensions for layout.)

You now know about as much as I do about the tools of web authoring.


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