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From: Petr Kocmid (pkocmid_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-10-14 23:12:57

Hi boosters,

just tried the regression on yesterday's cvs stuff. I noticed nobody's using
STLport 4.0 with VC++6/SP4 so here are the results, which may or not be of
some importance:

Good news is: all test passed to compile.

e:\boost\boost/libs/array/array1.cpp(45) : warning C4508: 'main' : function
should return a value; 'void' return type assumed
(yeah, that hurts! ;-}

test/graph.cpp should use #pragma warning(disable: 4786) under msvc
so as random_test.cpp to prevent warning flood.

boost\boost\boost/random.hpp(118) : warning C4308: negative integral
constant converted to unsigned type
        e:\boost\boost\boost/random.hpp(115) : while compiling
class-template member function 'unsigned int __cdecl
boost::random::const_mod<unsigned int,714025>::add(unsigned int,unsigned

e:\boost\boost/libs/utility/compressed_pair_test.cpp(122) : warning C4660:
template-class specialization 'compressed_pair<int,double>' is already
e:\boost\boost/libs/utility/compressed_pair_test.cpp(124) : warning C4660:
template-class specialization 'compressed_pair<struct empty_UDT,int>' is
already instantiated
e:\boost\boost/libs/utility/compressed_pair_test.cpp(125) : warning C4660:
template-class specialization 'compressed_pair<int,struct empty_UDT>' is
already instantiated
e:\boost\boost/libs/utility/compressed_pair_test.cpp(126) : warning C4660:
template-class specialization 'compressed_pair<struct empty_UDT,struct
empty_UDT>' is already instantiated
e:\boost\boost/libs/utility/compressed_pair_test.cpp(127) : warning C4660:
template-class specialization 'compressed_pair<struct empty_UDT,struct
empty_POD_UDT>' is already instantiated

e:\boost\boost/libs/utility/type_traits_test.cpp(197) : warning C4181:
qualifier applied to reference type ignored

Now to the bad news: some regression tests running failed.
type_traits_test: 328 tests completed (43 failures)

I suggest to have some standardized output from test programs, so not only
checking but also failure reporting could be automated. Using three
compilers I really don't like to read all the test output by myself every
time I checkout the cvs.

btw, is cvs content usable for production or it is a bleeding edge?

Petr Kocmid

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