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From: David Abrahams (abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-10-15 17:12:05

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From: "Mark Evans" <mark.evans_at_[hidden]>

> David,
> Why not just "CThruClass."

Because the class is not "see-through" in most senses. Much of the class can
be opaque. It's a cute name, but not accurate.

> Not only does ExtensionClass conflict with ZOPE, it almost
> conflicts with the idea of a Python Extension Module.

It doesn't really conflict with ZOPE; my ExtensionClass is aimed many of the
same basic goals. It certainly doesn't conflict with any Python concepts:
Python already has the notion of extension types. An ExtensionClass is just
an extension type which can be subclassed, and has some of the other
properties of a Python Class. That's why it's really the only name that
makes sense. I don't mean to be unsympathetic to your concerns, but I can't
help feeling that you are a lone data point. If I heard this same feedback
from a few other people, I'd be more inclined to change my naming

> I came to Python just a few months ago and find that Python
> libraries are
> - hard to find
> - hard to identify as being current
> - moving constantly from website to website
> - poorly documented

If py_cpp is accepted into boost, as I hope, it will not have these
problems. I don't think I can solve the problems with the rest of the Python
library world, as you see them.

> Under these circumstances I plead with you to avoid using the
> term "ExtensionClass" in either source code or documentation.
> There have got to be dozens of names you could use in place of
> it.

None that are sufficiently simple and descriptive, so far. Sorry, I'm a
stickler for these criteria.

> Our company decided upon CXX for our extension modules, but we will
> take a close look at py_cpp for any classes we need to subclass
> from Python. My manager is keenly interested in the subject.

Integration with CXX is something I've discussed with Paul Dubois in the
past, but he didn't seem too motivated and I don't know CXX well enough to
do the job myself. I'm not sure how easy it will be for you to use CXX with
py_cpp. In its current form, I'm sure it would require you to touch the
odious name 'ExtensionClass' ;-)


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