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From: David Abrahams (abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2000-11-03 17:31:22

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From: <rwgk_at_[hidden]>

> Platform:
> Compaq C++ V6.2-024 for Digital UNIX V5.0 (Rev. 910)
> STLport-4.1b3
> When using boost 1.18.1 with STLport-4.1b3 to compile
> py_cpp_20001102 + rev. 1.3 of pyptr.h (see posting #6240, Re:
> py_cpp_20001102 Alpha woes), all is fine.
> When attempting the same compilation with boost 1.18.2, I get the
> error message that is attached.
> What could be the problem?

Hard to say. Cleaning up the compiler messages:
cxx: Error: /usr/local/boost_1_18_2/boost/cast.hpp, line 159:

nontype "boost::cast::detail::numeric_min_select<is_signed>::limits
          [with is_signed=(bool)_STL::numeric_limits<T>::is_signed]"
is not a template

cxx: Error: /usr/local/boost_1_18_2/boost/cast.hpp, line 159: not a class or
struct name
cxx: Info: 2 errors detected in the compilation of "py.cpp".

It appears to be complaining that numeric_min_select<T>::limits is not a
template, which it clearly /is/. But since it thinks it is a non-type
parameter, maybe you can fix this problem by changing line 159 of cast.hpp
as follows:

: public typename numeric_min_select<std::numeric...

Let me know how it works out.

As I said before, time to start testing with Comeau ;-/

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