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From: Steven Youngs (steve_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-01-22 04:37:34

I spotted the original post from David Wolfram on a microsoft news group - if I remember correctly. I
replied to him in private email suggesting that he also ask his question on
the boost mailing list where I hoped he'd get a more representative answer
to his questions [maybe others also suggested boost to him as well - I don't

Now maybe his post is slightly off topic in some peoples eyes but to my mind
if we can nudge, push or in any way influence compiler developments so that
in turn the boost libraries compile with fewer problems and workarounds that
this is clearly on topic for this list - after all, we (well others - I
generally just read) spend significant time discussing workarounds for the
existing Visual C++ compiler. [vested interest: I have to use Visual C++
every day and would love it to be more standards compliant so that I don't
have to massage standards compliant code before I can use it].


Steven Youngs
NC Graphics (Cambridge) Ltd.
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From: "Beman Dawes" <bdawes_at_[hidden]>
To: <boost_at_[hidden]>
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2001 12:06 AM
Subject: Re: [boost] Survey of Libraries and Visual C++
> At 06:33 PM 1/19/2001 -0500, Jeffrey D. Paquette wrote:
>  >Beman Dawes wrote:
>  >
>  >> FYI,
>  >>
>  >> I've blocked posts until I get confirmation from MS that he is who he
>  >says he is.
>  >>
>  >> In any case, if you do reply to him, please do so privately.
>  >>
>  >> --Beman
>  >>
>  >>  >David Wolfram
>  >>  >Program Manager, Visual C++ Compiler Team
>  >
>  >Why? And why not answer his questions? If this were usenet, I'd worry
> about
>  >a troll, but I think it's unnecessary to worry about it.
> You are probably right, but I had some private email indicating concern
> decided to be conservative.  And if the query is legitimate, I would hope
> people will respond.  But privately; anyone who reads this list already
> knows of the library compatibility problems caused by VC++'s lack of
> partial specialization.
> --Beman
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