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From: Jeremy Siek (jsiek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-01-23 15:03:51

Hi Andrew,

Just recently my group at ND started using GraphViz to render graphs
(we'll be making the interfacing code available soon).

I'm sorry to hear that it didn't scale well.

A couple years ago I talked with the GraphViz author... I remember him
saying that their focus was on smaller graphs. This may mean that the
data-structures they used are not optimized for space. Have you sent email
to them?

I'm not familiar with any other graph rendering packages.


On Tue, 23 Jan 2001 aalness_at_[hidden] wrote:

aalnes> Hey,
aalnes> I'm currently working on a project where part of it is
aalnes> me conversing in BGP with various Cisco routers in order
aalnes> to build a graph of autonomous system interconnectivity. I
aalnes> am also interested in rendering this graph and am
aalnes> wondering if any BGL users have rendered their graphs and
aalnes> if so what worked well for you? I tried using the GraphViz
aalnes> package from AT&T's research department but it didn't
aalnes> handle the scale well (~13000 edges) and crashed. malloc
aalnes> threw an out of memory exception after about 3 minutes
aalnes> (this was on my thinkpad t20 which is a pIII750/256megs
aalnes> ram running RedHat 6.2). Thanks in advance for any
aalnes> suggestions.
aalnes> -Andy
aalnes> ----------------------
aalnes> Andrew Alness
aalnes> Software Engineer
aalnes> Sonicity, Inc.
aalnes> aalness_at_[hidden]
aalnes> "I want my two dollars." -kid on bike

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