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From: dwolfram_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-01-23 21:57:11

Hi Paul,

Yes, Visual C++.NET does not implement partial template
specialization or full Koenig lookup.

However, several conformance-related and other issues have been
resolved that may be of interest to library developers:

Q240862 BUG: C2555 On Virtual Functions with Covariant Return Types
Q240871 BUG: Explicitly Specified Template Functions Not Overloaded
Q241569 BUG: C2258 and C2252 on in Place Initialization of Static
Const Members
Q241706 BUG: C2123 on Function Try Block Syntax
Q241940 BUG: C2954 on using class template as template parameter
Q242192 BUG: uncaught_exception() Always Returns False
Q243444 BUG: CSTDLIB Does Not Define the Namespace STD
Q167733 PRB: Operator New Doesn't Throw bad_alloc Exception on Failure
For loop variable scope
void return type
standard names added to std
aggressive inlining
debugger and STL types
conformance of header files and standard library
memory allocation diagnostics
template template parameters
member function template arg specification support.

The results of the survey so far have been discussed by the team.
We are actively addressing issues mentioned, and continue to be most
interested in feedback from library developers and users.

Best regards,

David Wolfram
Visual C++ Compiler Team

--- In boost_at_[hidden], "Moore, Paul" <paul.moore_at_u...> wrote:
> From: dwolfram_at_m... [mailto:dwolfram_at_m...]
> >
> > Hi Dejan,
> >
> > Thank you very much for completing the survey. We are very
> > in the views, suggestions, and concerns of all users.
> >
> > We take ISO compliance very seriously, and are actively
> > conformance issues.
> >
> > I shall ensure that your comments are discussed by the team.
> (I took the liberty of responding to this message, as it happened
to raise
> an issue I was particularly interested in. I have sent my particular
> comments separately).
> There have been a number of rumours that Visual C++ version 7
(which I
> understand to be currently in beta) still does not support partial
> specialisation, or argument-dependent name lookup (Koenig lookup).
This is
> an issue of significant concern in the Boost libraries (among
others), which
> rely heavily on such features.
> Could you please provide a specific assurance one way or the other
> whether these features will be supported in the final version of
Visual C++
> version 7? In the light of your comment that you take ISO
compliance very
> seriously, I hope that the answer is in the affirmative, but I am
> concerned that it is extremely late in the development cycle to
> this, should it not already be in place.
> I would appreciate it if you could copy your reply on this comment
to the
> Boost mailing list (boost_at_[hidden]).
> Thank you,
> Paul Moore.

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