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From: artwisz_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-03-25 07:00:10

Hello once again,

> artwis> One shortcut I thought of was simply to derive my graph
class from a
> artwis> specialized adjacency_list and overload all operations
tunneling most
> artwis> of them to the base class, but still I need to partially
> artwis> the property_map, so that I can write
> artwis>
> artwis> property_map<MyGraphType, vertex_bits_t>::type bits
> artwis> = get(vertex_bits, g);
> artwis>
> artwis> instead of
> artwis>
> artwis> property_map<MyGraphType::Base, vertex_bits_t>::type bits
> artwis> = get(vertex_bits, g);
> artwis>

I think I'm getting closer, I wrote my property selector:

struct bit_matrix_tag { };

template<class BitRep>
class bit_matrix : public boost::adjacency_list<...,
                                                    BitRep> >
 { ... };

struct bit_matrix_vertex_property_selector
   template<class Graph, class Property, class PropertyTag>
   struct bind
      typedef typename Graph::Base BaseGraph;
      typedef typename BaseGraph::graph_tag base_tag;
      typedef typename
      typedef typename Property::tag_type Tag;
      typedef typename
              BaseSelector::template bind<BaseGraph, Property, Tag>
      typedef typename Bind::type type;
      typedef typename Bind::const_type const_type;

struct boost::vertex_property_selector<bit_matrix_tag>
   typedef bit_matrix_vertex_property_selector type;

and it seems to bo OK. One thing that bothers me: why is there the
PropertyTag template param if I can deduce the PropertyTag from
Property ? I assume Property is an instance of struct property.
Perhaps it is possible to have a property that is not specialized
from struct property ?
Another thing I would like to do is to have some properties handled
by the base class and other by my derived class. I guess I would need
another layer of selectors... but this is fine at the moment.
BTW I can sniff a kind of meta-idiom in all that selectors stuff that
is itself worth a doc page.


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