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From: Tom Malcolmson (tom-list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-03-28 12:45:43

I'm using VC6 SP4 on Win2K SP1, with:
Boost 1.21.1 with Python 2.0.
Dinkum STL (the bundled version)
wxWindows 2.2.5

I add the following line to my Win32 DLL:
#include <boost/python/class_builder.hpp>

This causes the following error msg:
e:\devcode\boost\boost\python\classes.hpp(379) : error C2955: 'modulus' :
use of class template requires template argument list
        e:\devapps\vstudio\vc98\include\functional(57) : see declaration of

The line referenced in the error msg (from classes.hpp) is:
template <class T> PyObject* class_t<T>::instance_number_power(PyObject*
obj, PyObject* exponent, PyObject* modulus) const

Modulus is defined in 'functional' (which is included by map in my STL), by
why isn't it protected by a namespace? I fixed the problem by renaming
'modulus' (then everything works fine), but this is obviously not a good

Tinkering around I find that I can get it to compile if I cut out the
wxWindows library, but the wxWindows library doesn't use the namespaces or
the STL in any way.

I'm not expecting anyone to have experience with this particular combo of
libraries, but I'm wondering if you've experienced something like this? Or
is there something obvious that I'm missing?

(BTW, I am familiar with STLport, and I consider it superior to Dinkum, but
I'm currently having some other problems with it and it wouldn't help with
this problem anyway.)


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