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From: walter_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-03-28 17:28:23


Peter Schmitteckert wrote:

> I had a short look at your matrix classes.
> Like many other I have also written
> my own expression template library for matrices.
> I had to do some linear algebra (eigenvalues,
> eigen vectors, linear system of equation, on dense and sparse
> matrices, dyadics vectors ... ).

Many things to come :-).

> One problem was to write a generic routine for diagonalitzation of
> dense symmetric/hermitean matrices, e.g. HMatrix<T>
> In my implementation I introduced a helper class which defines
> some functions on the type T,
> e.g.
> double LA_Abs( const double& z)
> {
> return fabs(z);
> }
> double LA_HermiteanMul( const double& a, const double& b)
> {
> return a*b;
> }
> double LA_SquaredAbs( const complex<double>& a)
> {
> return a.real() * a.real() + a.imag() * a.imag();
> }
> double LA_HermiteanMul( const complex<double>& a, const
> b)
> // defined as ( a*b + b*a) /2
> {
> return a.real() * b.real() - a.imag() * b.imag();
> }

> Note that the return type of x = LA_SquaredAbs( const
complex<double>& a) is
> a double and not a complex number.

Yep. We call this one currently type_traits<std::complex<double>

> LA_HermiteanMul was
> important
> in a few routines special to my problems.

BTW, where is the typo in LA_HermiteanMul, comment or code?

> In the same way I defined Hermitean Matrices in a way that
> the Diagonal Elements for HMatrix< complex<double> > are
> of type double. One has to be careful with
> complex<double>& HMatrix::operator(i,j)
> since this reference doesn't exist in my implementation,
> as the diagonal elements are stored in a double* array.
> But it works fine.

General complex matrices and corresponding operations are supported
with BLAS-like functionality. If you immediately need a Hermitean
specialization, have a look at our band_matrix (banded_matrix?)
specialization. However to take full advantage of a Hermitean
specialization, we first have to refine our iterator concept.

I am not sure, whether I like your idea to store the diagonal
elements in a separate array (vector?).

> I would be interested in switching to boost and to do
> some contributions to a matrix/linear algebra library
> if Hermitean matrices will be supported.

IMHO Hermitean matrices should be supported.

> Please note, that I even have to use more abtract classes as
> complex numbers, e.g. small matrices which share the property
> that the norm type and the eigen value type differ from the
> matrix element type.

Even more things to come :-).

> Uups, I just found your
> template<class E, class F>
> class vector_scalar_unary
> {
> ...
> }

These things need a lot of documentation, I fear.

Best regards

Joerg Walter

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