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From: John E. Potter (jpotter_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-03-17 17:09:25

On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, Jeremy Siek wrote:

> There is also one other problem... though it probably won't show up with
> Borland. With KAI C++, I also get an error at the
> iterator_adaptor::operator[] because the return type is
> value_type=Abstract. I don't see this problem with g++. I'm not sure it
> should be a problem... if you don't use operator[]. However, if you did
> want to use operator[] this would certainly be a problem.
> To open up an old smelly can of worms... Dave, do you think this is a flaw
> in using value_type as the return type for operator[]?

Sorry for being out of contact, but I only have time to delete without
reading most of the boost stuff for now.

The action of iter[n] is the same as *(iter + n) and in both cases
should be a reference or reference to const. I know that the
standard says convertable to T, but forward iterator has it right
and there is an issue.


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