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From: Gary Powell (Gary.Powell_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-03-18 11:15:24

> > Is there currently in standard C++ a structured way to represent
> data
> > compactly, other than the old C bitfields?
> >

> > If there isn't, couldn't this be a relevant thing for Boost?
> >
Because physical data storage is a machine dependent problem, its not a very
good candidate, unless you use say, compression which while not having
identical physical formats, does have identical representations in code.

> > Sometimes, you just need all the memory you can get, and it would
> be
> > nice if there were a really structured way of doing this.
> >
Sure would.
> > In my particular case, I am using a hashtable in a chess program,
> and
> > the performance in practice is directly dependant on effecient
> > hashtable operations and space effecient storage of the entries,
> > because more entries is better. This is not your typical hashtable,
> > but one somewhat adapted to it's specific use, so I can't really
> use
> > anything else. Also, the need to store data effeciently in memory,
> is
> > very general.
Using a traits class to direct the container class to optimize in a
particular way is a pretty new idea. "Modern C++" talks about this, and I
think this approach may help you design a better (as in more generic)
hashtable class.

> Not to be rude, but isn't anybody but me interested in this?
I have been in the past, but I kept finding that the code space which
expanded using bitfields out weighed the data space savings. (Just my
problem domain though.) From the lack of response it doesn't look like there
is anyone else in boost with this as their current focus.)

Boost is a self directed group. If you have a strong interest, the rest of
us are interested in what you are interested in. However we also have other
interests that keep us busy. It's a great place to meet with other library
writers, but there are no guarantees that you will get any direct help,
other than question/answer support, and code reviews.



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