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From: Jeremy Siek (jsiek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-04-19 18:07:39

Integrating design by contract and testing sounds like a great idea to

One way this can tie into generic programming is the following:
  - When creating a concept, write C++ code for checking the
    semantic invariants required by the concept.
  - Then the test code for a particular type should automatically
    pull in the checks from the concepts that the type models.

A month ago I started applying this kind of approach to the
BGL graph concepts and data-structures, and so far I think it
is working really well!


On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Ullrich Koethe wrote:
u.koet> Hi!
u.koet> Jesse Jones wrote:
u.koet> >
u.koet> > I've uploaded a new version of the DbC files.
u.koet> I've followed the discussion with great interest. Since I've been
u.koet> working (with Beman) on an improved unit test facility, it occured to me
u.koet> that it might be a good idea to integrate unit testing and Design by
u.koet> Contract. This would have at least two advantages:
u.koet> 1. Avoidance of code duplication - many things in the unit test
u.koet> framework are similar to what you are trying to achieve.
u.koet> 2. Simplification of DbC: From the discussion so far I got the
u.koet> impression that especially invariant testing imposes some problems in
u.koet> C++. Thus, it might be a useful policy, to check invariants primarily in
u.koet> test programs, and not in production code. This would solve two
u.koet> problems:
u.koet> - costly invariant checks do no harm in test programs
u.koet> - it is easy to solve the accessibility issue by declaring the
u.koet> tester class a friend of the class being tested.
u.koet> Please take a look at the proposed unit test code at
u.koet> Any opinions will be appreciated.
u.koet> -- Ulli
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