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From: darylew_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-04-24 00:25:24

I've changed the (regular) operator and conversion tests to use
the Test Tools library. The iterator test is unchanged from when I
last factored out code.

--- In boost_at_y..., "David Abrahams" <abrahams_at_m...> wrote:
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> From: "Daryle Walker" <darylew_at_m...>
> > I know there's been a lot of stuff going on since I last
> > "" (at version 15 in the vault), but does everyone
think it's
> > good to go? Are there any remaining big problems?
> >
> > For those that have come in late, this archive contains an
update to
> > <boost/operators.hpp> that has:
> >
> > + New operator templates for shifting, unary+, etc.
> > + New templates the compose other templates together (-
and +)
> > + Re-implemented old grouped templates in terms of the
new ones
> > + Added iterator helper templates for input and output
> > + Completely redone documentation (requires HTML 4)
> I think this last point may be a problem. Last time I checked,
> Unix/Linux users have only older versions of Netscape which
don't support
> things like &ldquo; and &rdquo;.
> &harr; is unknown to IE5 for Windows. I think we may have to
stick to HTML
> versions < 4.0 for the time being.


> The documentation looks quite good, with the following
noticeable problems
> remaining:
> > Summary of Template Semantics
> > Each operator class template completes the concept(s) it
describes by
> filling
> > in operators missing from a target class. A template can
implement its new
> > operators by using existing base class operations (which
would be
> > required). Specifically:
> What does "which would be required" mean above?
> This entire section is good, but needs some English usage
cleanup. I would
> be happy to do that myself.
> The section titled "Use of Concepts" contains the word "expect"
> "except" was intended, I expect ;-)
> > The user should be aware of the following points for using
this library:
> This single body sentence for the "Usage" section adds
nothing and should be
> stricken
> The link to the GOTW site needs to be updated. It still works, if
you wait
> long enough, but I get the feeling that will change eventually.
> > Seperate, Explicit Instantiation
> ^^^^^^^^ should be "separate"

I fixed all of these.

> I'm unhappy with the way the tables show up in my browser.
The middle column
> tends to wrap unneccessarily in every row, causing lots of
vertical bloat. I
> think this could be fixed by forcing some line breaks in the
> column of the xxx_convertible rows, but probably an HTML
expert like you
> knows a better way.

I'm not sure that there's a best solution. I've put up something
that works on one of my browsers, but I don't know how good it is
for everyone else.

> I realize we've gone back and forth over this name, but with
fresh eyes I
> find "negatable" confusible with the idea of unary operator-(). I
also buy
> Alexy's argument that it is a completely useless template that
adds no
> functionality. I would like to see it removed.


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