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From: Chris (chris_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-05-01 13:53:44

>Fair enough, BTW I forgot to mention there is a high level wrapper class
>called RegEx that does work only on strings.

That's okay, I forgot to mention that I read about RegEx in the docs! As I
recall, I decided not to use it because it only handles POSIX expressions
([[:digit:]] instead of \d), and I'm too lazy to do things the long way.

>to match std::pair, however I take your point, this could have been make
>more like a psuedo-container with begin() end() access methods etc.

Okay, so I was thinking about them the right way. I must admit I was
confused, having just read about pairs in the
guy-who's-name-I-don't-have-committed-to-memory book (Josuttis?), and so I
thought first-second = key-value. I wouldn't call it a 'complaint' -
'feedback' oughta do.

I *may* have a complaint, however, about the naming of the header classes.
I included regex.h in my program, tried to use the regex class, and got
some pretty frustrating error messages. I think I was literally pounding
the desk, although that may have been blood-sugar related. Ultimately, I
worked from an example and noted that regex.h is NOT regex.hpp. But of
course since regex.h exists, my compiler wasn't complaining about a bad
file name.

Is there anyway to address that? Can't see how you could change regex.h's
name without breaking old code, but I thought I'd mention it. Maybe a
<b>warning</b> in the docs would suffice.

I don't want to be too negative, because I LOVE the lib! And the support's
great too! I look forward to visiting The Boost on all future projects, and
looking for excuses to use you guys.

Thanks again!

>- John Maddock
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