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From: williamkempf_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-06-11 22:35:16

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* Improved recursive_mutex performance for pthread implementations
that support pthread_mutexattr_settype().

* Improved error handling.

* Completed implementation of boost::thread and tested for Win32 and


I was unable to get boost::function support working for thread
creation. Unfortunately on my compiler (the dreaded VC6) I'm
receiving the infamous Internal Compiler Error. A single line that
I've left commented out in boost::detail::thread_state that declares
a member of boost::function<int> will illustrate the problem if
anyone feels like figuring out what's wrong with Boost.Function
here. I took the cowards way out for now and threads are only
creatable from function pointers with the signature "void func

I've tested both Win32 and pthread implementations (including support
for recursive pthread mutexes, thanks to the latest pthreads-win32)
and with the test and example programs available right now everything
appears to work just fine. So this would be a good time for some
volunteers to help get this working on other compilers/platforms and
for people to really scrutinize the implementation for signs that the
interfaces may not be optimal.

My next two goals are to refine the test program (to do better
testing and to include tests for the new types) and to catch the
documentation up with the changes that have occured recently.

Bill Kempf

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