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From: Greg Colvin (gcolvin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-06-27 09:58:41

From: <duncan_at_[hidden]>
> pdimov_at_[hidden] (Peter Dimov) wrote:
> > FWIW, I actually like procedural interfaces, when they fit. There is
> > nothing inherently low-level about them. thread::id may implement the
> > handle/refcounted body idiom under the hood, or it may be a Win32
> > HANDLE. In a way, this interface is higher level, because it hides
> > more of the implementation.
> >
> > The important difference between thread::id and FILE* is that a FILE*
> > may leak. A thread::id can never leak. It has proper value semantics,
> > so the 'thread reference' it contains will be released upon its
> > destruction; and the thread will terminate itself when it's done.
> Surely if the id is just a Win32 HANDLE then you have a leakage problem?
> Something has to close the handle to avoid a leak. If it were a Win32
> thread id that is not good enough because something must maintain an
> open handle to guarantee the thread id's uniqueness. So you are back to
> ref-counted handle-body and presumably the ref count must be thread
> safe.

You can let the OS do the counting:

class thread_ref {
   HANDLE id;
   thread_ref(const thread_ref& r) {
      if (!DuplicateHandle(GetCurrentProcess(),,
         throw something;
   thread_ref& operator=(const thread_ref& r) {
      if (&r != this) {
         new(this) thread_ref(r);
   ~thread_ref() { CloseHandle(id); }

   void join();


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