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From: helmut.zeisel_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-06-29 02:23:36

--- In boost_at_y..., Daryle Walker <darylew_at_m...> wrote:

> Are we starting it now? I guess the structure could be:
> - boost
> - math
> quaternion.hpp
> octonion.hpp
> advanced_trignometric.hpp (atanh, sinc_pi, sinhc_pi)
> rational.hpp
> - libs
> - math
> - doc
> quaternion.html
> octonion.html
> advanced_trignometric.html
> rational.html
> index.html
> + src
> + test

How would you handle functions that might have slightly different
implementations depending on the domain?

Look at pow(T x,I n):
it is defined for every integer n if T is
a group (e.g. x is float),
it is defined only for non-negative n if T is a monoid
(e.g. x is int),
and it is defined only for n>0 of T is a semigroup.

Similar things apply to binomial coefficients:

binom(m,n)=binom(m,m-n) if both m and n are integral,
but binom(x,n) != binom(x,x-n) (the latter is not defined)
if x is float.

One solution might be to have a

and semigroup::pow.

This might be easier to implement than
to have clever template specialisation techniques
the derive the respective algorithm from the template types.


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