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From: John Max Skaller (skaller_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-06-29 21:27:41

Hubert HOLIN wrote:

> I propose the creation of namespace ::boost::math .

        I agree.
> I propose the creation of namespace
> ::boost::math::special_functions .

        I have doubts about this: see below.
> This namespace would contain atanh, sinc and sinhc, and would
> welcome other such functions.

> Other subnamespaces might include a ::boost::math::constants
> for (obviously) math constants, a ::boost::math::numerics for numerical
> methods (perhaps yet subdivided into optimization, integration, etc.).

        There is a danger here of too many namespaces with no clear
cut division between them.

        There is another problem: std isn't so factored.

        Finally: I do not like having quaternions in one namespace,
and 'sin' in another, because it defeats Koenig lookup.
Instead of writing:

        boost::math::quaternion<double> q;
        cout << sinh(q) << endl;

I'd be forced to write

        cout << boost::math::special_functions::sinh(q) << endl;

or somehow bring 'sinh(quaternion)' into the current namespace.
[I'm not opposed to the factoring, just dubious]

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