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From: John Max Skaller (skaller_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-06-30 00:25:02

williamkempf_at_[hidden] wrote:
> --- In boost_at_y..., John Max Skaller <skaller_at_o...> wrote:
> > Greg Colvin wrote:
> >
> > > To be clear, just stopping a thread "out of nowhere" is
> > > a bad idea, as there is then no way to get out of any
> > > monitors it has entered. Better is a way to throw an
> > > exception on the thread, so as to let destructors run.
> >
> > You did not meet the requirements.
> > The thread is blocked. It cannot throw anything.
> >
> This is not true. Any operation that is a "cancellation point" can
> block until either the operation completes, in which case it returns
> normally, or until a cancellation occurs,

        Greg's constraint was to not use cancellation.
My argument was to show that it is sometime necessary.

> > It is a core language issue whether destructors
> > are run when a thread is cancelled.
> Only if threads are a core language feature.


> We're not discussing a
> change to the core language, we're discussing a Boost threading
> library.

        The matters are related. The library may be useful
without core support, but it will never be C++ without it.
Which would be a pity, IMHO.

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