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From: mred_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-07-09 20:48:06

I really wanted the templated shared_ptr assignment and constructor
turned on for MSVC++ 6.0 in this latest boost release. But in the
following program, MSVC++ 6.0 SP5 skips right over the first
assignment to share_ptr! (It does not emit assembly for it.)

Should MSVC++ fail to compile the first assignment, or should it
automatically instantiate "shared_ptr<int>"?

Even scarier, you can add "p = new char;" and it compiles.



#include <boost/smart_ptr.hpp>
#include <iostream>

template <typename T>
struct A {
        A( int ) {}

        template <typename U> A<T>& operator = (const A<U>& that) {
                std::cout << "works" << std::endl;
                return *this;
        template <> A<T>& operator = (const A<T>& that) {
                std::cout << "works" << std::endl;
                return *this;

int main() {
        boost::shared_ptr<int> p;
        p = new int; // MSVC++ 6.0 will skip this line!
        p = boost::shared_ptr<int>(new int); // will work
        A<int> q(0);
        q = A<int>(1); // will work
        q = A<char>(1); // will work
        q = int(); // MSVC++ 6.0 will skip this line!
        q = char(); // MSVC++ 6.0 will skip this line!

        return 0;

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