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From: Jeremy Siek (jsiek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-07-10 10:18:57

The formal review for the PREPROCESSOR library is now complete, and the
library will be accepted as a new boost library. Congratulations Vesa!

Before the PREPROCESSOR library is made part of the boost distribution,
there is one particularly important peice of documentation that must be
included, which is a detailed reference for each user-level macro in the
library. As for the extensions to PREPROCESSOR, Vesa, you are welcome to
add these in to the library as you see fit (so long as detailed docs are
provided for each addition!)

Jeremy Siek

P.S. Here are some of the comments that I'd like to highlight:

        - A reference-style section that lists each user-level macro and
its parameters and expansion would be very useful. I found myself looking to
the code to see what the parameters to BOOST_PREPROCESSOR_REPEAT were.

        - A header file "boost/preprocessor.hpp" that pulls in all of the
preprocessor code would be most appreciated. I found that I was including
almost every file in the library individually when converting Boost.Function.

Also, I would like to see more isolated examples for the use of the
various features. That way a conceptual understanding of the building
blocks could be more easily developed. The current examples are pretty
heavy on template metaprogramming and while those may be the places
where the library is most used, they don't make for the clearest
examples of how the library works.

May be less complex examples in tutorial (ones that do not involve
template metaprogramming) are needed.

examples should use full macro names

3) Library's documentation is not bad, but it seems that a lot of useful
information that appeared in Vesa's postings to this list hasn't been
included there. In particular, I think that original Vesa's post
(, with appropriate
changes, could make a good "Motivation" section (I don't think "Tutorial"
covers this well), and summary of the library that was posted as part of the
review announcement (
(more specifically, the LIBRARY PRIMITIVES section) IMO should migrate into
the docs too.

 Jeremy Siek www:
 Ph.D. Candidate, IU B'ton email: jsiek_at_[hidden]
 Summer Manager, AT&T Research phone: (973) 360-8185

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