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From: John Maddock (John_Maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-07-26 05:51:45


>So far, I've just did a quick folder comparison between this version and
>version 4. What happened to the user site config option
>in config.hpp? What happened to the tests for no weak conversion

boost/config/user_policy.hpp and boost/config/user.hpp have been folded
into a single boost/config/user.hpp (that is included before everything
The weak conversion operators macro has been removed from boost - so has
the test file.

>But as you can see in the info printout, your program thinks I'm
>using an unknown library instead of choosing MSL. Now what?

It's not detecting the MSL standard library for some reason, in the
detection code I use:

#include <utility>

#if defined(__SGI_STL_PORT)
   // STLPort library, this _must_ come first:
# define BOOST_STDLIB_CONFIG <boost/config/stdlib/stlport.hpp>
#elif defined(__STD_RWCOMPILER_H__) || defined(_RWSTD_VER)
   // Rogue Wave library:
# define BOOST_STDLIB_CONFIG <boost/config/stdlib/roguewave.hpp>
#elif defined(_YVALS) || defined(_CPPLIB_VER)
   // Dinkumware Library:
# define BOOST_STDLIB_CONFIG <boost/config/stdlib/dinkumware.hpp>
#elif defined(__GLIBCPP__)
   // GNU libstdc++ 3
# define BOOST_STDLIB_CONFIG <boost/config/stdlib/libstdcpp3.hpp>
#elif defined(__STL_CONFIG_H)
   // generic SGI STL
# define BOOST_STDLIB_CONFIG <boost/config/stdlib/sgi.hpp>
#elif defined(__MSL__)
   // MSL standard lib:
# define BOOST_STDLIB_CONFIG <boost/config/stdlib/msl.hpp>

So the question is: is including <utility> sufficient to result in __MSL__
getting defined? It looks not. BTW I choose <utility> here because it's
by far the most lightweight of the standard lib headers. The other errors
that you're seeing are all resulting from that mis-detection. Any ideas
what I need to include to locate __MSL__ if it's defined?

- John Maddock

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