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From: John Maddock (John_Maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-08-01 06:28:53

The latest version of the split config is now available in the files

I'd like to ask for a review of this now, as I've taken this as far as I
can without more feedback from those platforms that I don't have access to.

Here are the reviewers notes (taken from the docs):

Reviewers Notes

The following notes are for reviewers only and will be removed from the
final version of this document.

This version of the boost config offers the following features:

Config split into separate compiler/standard library/platform sections,
with each section then split into separate mini-configs.
Cross dependencies are now removed, so that changes the config of one
compiler/standard library/platform, does not force a recompile unless that
particular mini-config is in use (and needed).
Expert users can isolate themselves from dependencies by setting a few
Optional configure script for unix-like platforms.
Documentation updated and moved out of the headers and into this html file.

Thorough regression tests, make it much easier nor to figure out what the
correct configuration for a given platform actually is.

The following issues are known about, or require comment:

BOOST_NO_HASH and BOOST_NO_SLIST deprecated in favour of BOOST_HAS_HASH and
BOOST_HAS_SLIST - these are optional features and no macros should be
required to be defined for a fully conforming compiler.
Quite a number of regex options have been added, so that
boost/regex/detail/regex_config.hpp can be finally deprecated. The options
BOOST_HAS_MACRO_USE_FACET, BOOST_USE_FACET. The regex library will need to
be updated to use these new versions once the new config goes live.
BOOST_HAS_UNISTD_H added for POSIX feature tests (regex, thread, and pool
libraries for now, probably more later).
BOOST_NO_MEMBER_TEMPLATE_KEYWORD added for compilers that support member
templates, but not the use of the template keyword when accessing member
template classes (Codewarrior 5.x, HP aCC).
Helper macros BOOST_STRINGIZE and BOOST_JOIN added, the latter to replace
BOOST_ASSERT_JOIN in static_assert.hpp, the former is used internally by
the configuration code, but may also be more generally useful elseware.
BOOST_VERSION and other "informational macros" are now documented (outside
of the headers) for the first time. BOOST_VERSION has also been moved to
<boost/version.hpp> to avoid dependencies getting broken just because a new
release has been made.
Support for <stdint.h> has been enabled on linux - this seems to be working
OK, but probably needs more testing.
For the threading library added BOOST_HAS_THREADS, BOOST_NO_THREADS,
and pool libraries can also use these.

- John Maddock

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