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From: Jon Kalb (jonkalb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-08-01 12:16:56

Apple's <X networking interface is called OpenTransport and it is based
on XTI (Streams). There is a freely available socket interface for <X
Macintosh called GUSI

I think I understand Daryle's concern, but I don't think it should stand
in the way of the development of a Boost socket library. It is true that
the socket interface is not available on every platform that supports
C++, but then *networking* isn't available on every platform that
supports C++. I think Boost gets more bang for its effort developing a
library that works over this well known and widely available interface
then to try to invent a new interface that could theoretically be
implemented over any arbitrary networking interface.

Jon Kalb
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Subject: Re: [boost] Note about a socket/network library
     What does MacOS use in place of sockets? Is there any publicly 
     available documentation for the Mac api? Do we need to support
     prior to version x with this library?
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Subject: [boost] Note about a socket/network library
Author:  darylew (darylew_at_[hidden]) at unix,mime
Date:    01/08/01 13:31
Please note that not everyone has sockets, nor use it as the basis of
IP connections.  Everyone here has access to TCP/IP (if they didn't,
couldn't receive Boost!), so we could keep the initial interface just
high-level TCP/IP and UDP/IP stuff.
Daryle Walker
Mac, Internet, and Video Game Junkie 
darylew AT mac DOT com

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