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From: John Maddock (John_Maddock_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-08-13 06:55:54

>What command-line args are you using?
>Normally, Jam only blurts the contents of the build commands if you use -n
>or -d+2.


>Yikes! Boost.Build wasn't designed to work that way. If you /must/ invoke
>Jam from bash (cygwin?), you might consider investigating the JAMSHELL
>variable in the Jam docs to see if you can set it to invoke the command
>processor in a more reliable fashion.

Doesn't seem to make any difference - that's why I wanted to build under

>You must not have the latest FTJam. He removed the limitation (now we just
>have the built in NT .bat file limit of ~2K characters - Jam executes all
>commands through .bat files).

OK, but I'm running under win98 here - hence the problems I suspect. I had
hoped that using cygwin would produce a more reliable system.

>Jam itself supports anything you want ;-)
>The build system isn't set up to do it. The problem with that approach, as
>was recently telling Bill Kempf, is that it will solve the problem for
>but not for other compilers on Windows.

Using this on a per-toolset basis would be useful though wouldn't it? BTW
Borland also supports the @filename option.

>The workaround, if you end up running into the NT limit, is to build
>static libs that get linked into your DLL (and please trust me that this
>lib dll_part1 : source1.cpp source2.cpp ... ;
>lib dll_part2 : source3.cpp source4.cpp ... ;
>dll regex.dll : <lib>dll_part1 <lib>dll_part2 ... ;
>I know it's ugly, but we don't know a more reliable way, yet.

Yikes, does that work on unix like systems as well?

>> I then added a Jamfile to libs/regex/example/ with just one test example
>> far - really just to see if I can link to the one library I did manage
>> build - unfortunately I get an access violation inside jam here, ouch.
>Ooh! Can you produce a debugger stack backtrace?

I tweeked the Jamfile and the problem went away, that's good enough for me
for now, although the problem was reproducable on other platforms (or BeOS

>Well, it's clear to me from looking at the source code that somebody built
>Jam under Cygwin once, but I'm not going to try it.

But I guess not recently?

>I've been doing cygwin builds from the NT shell using Jam very
>and it's the route I suggest you try.

Except as noted libraries don't build correctly - or at least they get the
wrong extension...

- John Maddock

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