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From: flameframe_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-09-06 03:37:39

Some minor comments about a submission of

- class thread_specific_ptr miss 'set' function which is required to
initialize it.

- in thread_specific_ptr.html html code uses
malformed 'boost::thread_specific_ptr<int> value;' - should
be 'boost::thread_specific_ptr&lt;int&gt; value;'

- below in the example (also in many other examples) non-existing
thread_group::create function is used - should be create_thread

- documentation does not expose a drawback that on Win32 users of the
library must build and deliver with application an additional
threadmon.dll if they want to make use of thread_specific_ptr.

- implementation of call_once will fail when called function throws

- continious use of
   boost::xtime xt;
   boost::xtime_get(&xt, boost::TIME_UTC);
   xt.sec += ...;
  is ugly. Why do not provide duration version of sleep/wait
everywhere when appropriate? (ok. not with CV).

- atomic type was discussed shortly and excluded from the library.
reasons are unclear. there should be at least rationale in docs.

- in my opinion the library must be logically splitted into
synchronization part and thread part. This will allow users to build
alternative thread designs like thread::ref without lost of other

The great work though! I vote to accept the library.

Best regards,

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