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From: dmoore_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-09-07 06:36:35

--- In boost_at_y..., "William Kempf" <williamkempf_at_h...> wrote:

> >swprintf(name, L"2AC1A572DB6944B0A65C38C4140AF2F4%X%X",
> >GetCurrentProcessId(), &flag);
> >
> >Shouldn't you just generate a UUID for your unique naming prefix?
> This would work, but wouldn't be as efficient since the same actual
> would be used for all calls to call_once... even those from
> programs. Adding the GetCurrentProcessId() reduces the granularity
to all
> calls to call_once within the process, while adding the address of
> reduces it to just the boost::once_flag instance.

I wasn't actually suggesting a runtime UUID generation, but rather
that the constant string could be a UUID generated once at compile or
coding time, guaranteeing uniqueness:

swprintf(name, L"415C0481-8E15-11D3-8861-00104B2D65E0%X%X",

I'm not actually suggesting that there is a real probability of a
collision with your random prefix string, but this code is in a
Windows implementation, and a UUID seemed more MS-ish. Which is a
long winded way of saying "no big deal"

> >4. In semaphore::up(), I hadn't seen the idiom of "!!" before.
> >
> > bool ret = !!ReleaseSemaphore(reinterpret_cast<HANDLE>(m_sema),
> count, &p);
> It's a fairly common idiom (given the name "bang bang") that I
expect many
> (most?) people to be aware of. The cast may be more appropriate,
it's just
> a pain to code, and a comment would be even worse yet. I'm not
sure what
> others think about this idiom.

Ok, I'll get back on the turnip truck! Ha.

The only other thing I thought of on further reflection is that
HANDLEs become 64 bits in the next couple of years, and just jamming
them into "int" won't work at that point. Not a truly pressing
issue, but typdefing those entities where POSIX==int and MS==HANDLE
might be a great idea on the implementation side of things.


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