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From: Toon Knapen (toon.knapen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-10-05 10:39:11

Ronald Garcia wrote:

>A) /multi_array/multi_array.tar.gz
>This is a C++ library for N-Dimensional array containers. Around this
>time last year some discussion arose on the list about adding such a
>library to Boost. Taking those ideas I developed the aforementioned
>library. I developed it under GCC and KCC, and with much help from
>Beman, it now works for Metrowerks, and mostly under Comeau and
>Intel. As of late I've been working on porting it to Visual C++,
>though it's not all the way there yet. I'd appreciate any feedback on
>this as I can get since I'd like to submit it for review in the
>not-too-distant future.

There has indeed been a lot of bandwith regarding boost.numerics,
discussing MTL3, ublas, multi_arrays, grid (recently mentioned) etc.

As also recently mentioned, MTL contains 'multi-arrays (dimension
defined at compile-time) and 'normal arrays (dimension defined at runtime)'.

Most important now is to combine all these efforts, original developers
speaking up about what their intentions are and trying to combine the
efforts as much as possible.

Within a few weeks, we should then be able to discuss some roadmap and
where to start from (you can't discuss all details before doing any
implementation, implementation will provide you with the most valuable
feedback for discussion ; Anyway remember Brooks law : "prepare for
throwing your first implementation away, you will anyway !").

I would prefer to start from the effort that has been going on on MTL3.
It incorporates already all the experience from MTL2 and it has also
been subject to a lot of discussions. The scope of the multi-arrays used
in MTL3 must however be aligned with multi-arrays for general use such
that multi-arrays are not developed twice.

Basically, lots of good will, great proprositions but now we should
figure out how to really bootstrap implementing this stuff.


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