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From: Douglas Gregor (gregod_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-10-10 11:22:40

On Wednesday 10 October 2001 10:55, you wrote:
> A problem with the precise definition of such a cast is when is the
> returned pointer/reference invalidated.

I would think we'd follow the lead of the std containers here: don't specify
in the cast function itself when the pointer/refefence is invalidated, but
instead specify in the documentation of the variant-like type when references
can be invalidated. For instance, std::vector<T, A>::begin() doesn't specify
when the iterator becomes invalid, but std::vector<T, A>::reserve() specifies
that it may invalidate all pointers, references, and iterators to contained

> Whether this is acceptable depends on the point of view; is boost::function
> merely an useful third party library or something that is aimed at std::?


> You can't even think of getting such a specification standardized. :-)
> I suggest something like:
> typedef <implementation-defined> bool_type; // convertible to bool
> operator bool_type() const;
> // no operator! in the specification, as it is a workaround.

Fair enough.

> > safe_bool should go into utility.hpp, and then it would have
> > documentation
> so
> > this problem would be avoided. I promised to do that but haven't yet
> > delivered :(.
> Actually I don't think that this would be a good idea. A 'standard'
> safe_bool will enable comparisons between unrelated types.

True. I'm considering proposing two additional class templates for
operators.hpp: one that allows conversion to bool (bool_convertable) by
supplying a safe_bool type (that will be unique for each bool_convertable
type), an appropriate safe_bool-creation function, and operator! for broken
compilers; the second class template poisons the comparison operators == and
!=. Code for the classes follows, and the use of them together is quite

  class function_base :
    public bool_convertable<function_base>,
    public not_equality_comparable<function_base>
    operator safe_bool() const { return make_safe_bool(!empty()); }

  // ...

// -- Possible extension proposal for operators.hpp
template<typename T>
class bool_convertable {
  struct dummy {
    void nonnull() {};

  typedef void (dummy::*safe_bool)();

  static safe_bool make_safe_bool(bool p)
    { return p? &dummy::nonnull : 0; }

  // Only needed for some broken compilers
  friend safe_bool operator!(const T& t)
    { return make_safe_bool(!((bool)t)); }

template<typename T, typanem U = T>
struct not_equality_comparable {
  friend void operator==(const T&, const U&);
  friend void operator!=(const T&, const U&);


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