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From: Mike Attili (yahoomail_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-10-24 00:46:53

> From: Gennadiy E. Rozental [mailto:rogeeff_at_[hidden]]
> Subject: [boost] Re: unit test framework

> > In this specific context, isn't it possible to use the two arg
> > version? What else might the return type be when counting the
> > number of parameters supplied to a test case? If possible, that
> > would be better than a specific fix for native MSVC STL.
> There are more "fair" compilers, that do not provide 2 arg version.

Whatever works, cross-platform, is fine with me.

> > I did something like the following:
> >
> > class BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE(MyTestSuite)
> > {
> > public:
> > MyTestSuite() { ... } // Optionally setup test fixture
> > ~MyTestSuite() { ... } // Optionally tear down test fixture
> >
> > BOOST_UNIT_TEST(MyFirstTest)
> > { ... }
> > BOOST_UNIT_TEST(MySecondTest)
> > { ... }
> > void HelperFunction()
> > { ... }
> > };
> I would like to see more details on this machinery:

I've uploaded a modified version of auto_unit_test.hpp to the
vault. It works with the unit_test.hpp that you uploaded a few
days ago with one minor modification: test_case::name() and
test_case::timeout() need to be made public.

I've also included two example files. The first is a modification
of the unit_test_example.cpp to take advantage of the features
in auto_unit_test.hpp. It keeps the same test suite structure and
produces the same test results. auto_test_example.cpp is a
reworked version of the same example but makes better use of
auto_unit_test.hpp and, I hope, is more readable and maintainable.

To use these examples, main() in unit_test_main.cpp needs to be
changed to grab the global test suite with the line:
    boost::test_suite * test =
instead of the call to init_unit_test_suite.

auto_unit_test.hpp does not add any new dependencies to the test
framework. The addition of the BOOST_UNIT_TEST,
BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE behavior was done as an independent layer
on top of unit_test.hpp, so it's a step towards the layered approach
suggested by others.

Please let me know what you think. I know that the macros (gasp!)
are a bit hairy, but they do the job succinctly. I'm happy to make
changes or provide additional documentation, etc.

    Mike Attili
    Amaxo, Inc.

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