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From: Thomas Matelich (toms-mailing-lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-11-13 13:50:23

Jon Kalb wrote:

> It seems to me that you are advocating keeping the libraries from
> becoming interdependent so that (new) users don't have to climb too
> steep an initial learning curve--having to learn a large number of
> classes to use one or two.
> But it also seems to me that in the example you site, the
> interdependency is on the implementation side, not on the interface. In
> other words, I don't have to learn how to use Boost.Assert in order to
> use a library that depends on it. There is certainly a build dependency,
> but there is no requirement that I understand all the classes used to
> implement a library in order to use it.
> I also have concerns about dependencies, but I would rather have an
> Assert system consistently used than to have each library roll its own
> or *shudder* not use asserts.

No, you don't need to learn how to use Boost.Assert, but if you don't you might be
surprised when your program crashes with no output because you didn't define
BOOST_DEBUG. I actually like Boost.Assert and can't wait to use it because I want to
use exceptions, but they crash if used in shared libraries on HP with g++.

This is why I started a new thread, because it also applies to the other libraries. I
think the problem here is that the boost libraries are so cool, they make each other
better when used in conjunction with each other. So to someone who knows all the
libraries, it makes sense to do this.

I thought of a place where we sort of already have a problem. The iterator library
(one of my favs :) is spreading. If someone has a problem with tokenizer and wants to
look at the implementation, they will run into iterator.

Also, Darin, the answer is no, I don't have any suggestion. I think I stated that in
my original post. Well, maybe it might be useful to have a dependency graph to at
least inform users what they might need to know to fully grasp a library.

Thomas O Matelich
Senior Software Designer
Zetec, Inc.

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