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From: walter_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-11-20 12:39:47

--- In boost_at_y..., Peter Schmitteckert (boost) <boost_at_s...> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm currently reading the documentation of ublas
> and would like to send some comments.
> -> doc/expression.htm
> "A Scalar Expression is an expression convertible to a builtin
> I'd like to use scalar types / matrix elements which are
> not a builtin C++ types, like interval<..> or

This is a documentation error. Is the following formulation ok for
"A Scalar Expression is an expression convertible to a scalar."

BTW, if one intends to use something like MyOwnFloatingPointType,
at least type_traits and promote_traits in traits.h have to be

> -> value type
> In my own matrix package I have defined a norm_type, since the
> of the norm of a complex matrix is real.
> In addition, one should take into account,
> that the type of an eigen value of an hermitean is again real.
> This gets interesting once one tries to write a generic eigen
> routine. E.g., I have written a jacobi algorithm which works for
> hermitean matrices that avoids uneccessary complex operations
and works
> even for more complicated 'scalar types'.

type_traits already contains a norm_type used in norm_1, norm_2 and
norm_inf. eigen_value_type(?) is out of scope for ublas.

> -> op(A) * op(B)
> in addition to op= A, A^T, A^H i would like to have A^c,
> i.e. complex conjugated Matrices, since I need to evaluate
> A * B^c.

What's wrong with prod (A, conj (B))?

> Once I manage to get the sources I'll continue.

That's fine.



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