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From: christian.engstrom_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-11-26 06:45:57

--- In boost_at_y..., christian.engstrom_at_g... wrote:
> The following program will not compile with Microsoft Visual C++
> version 6 for me:
> #include <boost/regex.hpp>
> void main() {
> char cstr[]("abcdef");
> boost::regex e("abc");
> boost::cmatch m;
> boost::regex_match(cstr, cstr + 3, m, e, boost::match_default);
> }
> The error message I get from the compiler is "error
> C2661: 'regex_match' : no overloaded function takes 5 parameters".
> I find this very odd, since both the documentation and the source
> code in regex_match.hpp seem to suggest (to me at least) that the 5
> parmeter variant of the call should always be available, even if
> some of the "convenience versions" of the call may not be.
> Is there something obvious that I have missed, or is this a problem
> related to the VC6 compiler? If the latter is the case, what is
> the best workaround?

Upon further investigation, the problem seems to be related to the
fact that 'cstr' in the example is not declared 'const'. If I change
the relevant declaration to

  const char cstr[]("abcdef");

the program will compile successfully.

Since there is no mention of this in the documentation, I would
consider this to be a bug in the regex package.

If there is anybody else but me who has actually tried to use the
iterator versions of the functions in the regex package, I would be
very interested in any comments that you may have that could shed
some light on this issue.

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