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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2001-11-28 19:26:27

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From: "Andrei Alexandrescu" <andrewalex_at_[hidden]>
into a Loki vs MPL debate.
> Me too, that's a bummer. I had expected I'd go through trouble once I'll
> start submitting Loki to boost, but really I hadn't expected that much
> trouble and that early on :o).

What do you mean by "trouble"? For the most part, we've been doing what we
normally do (only perhaps more so because many people are interested in the
same topics you are): when someone brings a library up for discussion, we
pick it apart, discuss alternatives, contrast it with similar libraries, and
explore the domain.

> As of using mpl in Loki, sure, that's not a big deal on the face of it.
> There are issues, though. So please allow me to state my viewpoint in
> submitting Loki to boost, viewpoint that I find reasonable. Again, I start
> from the assumption that the process is worthwhile and that Loki would add
> value to boost. Not everybody seems to think so; in case this is a general
> opinion around boost, I'd be glad to hear that, no hard feelings, so as
> to waste everybody's time.

I don't think anyone has stated that opinion, Andrei, and I see no reason to
conclude that it is widely held (or held at all). No library is accepted at
boost without lots of critical evaluation. The more interesting the
submission, the more interest and evaluation it will generate. Yours has
generated lots. If you want to see something closer to "trouble", take a
look at the extended discussion of Boost.Threads!

The Boost process has proven to be extremely valuable... if we were to fail
to apply it to your submissions, there would be little point in submitting
your work to boost, don't you agree? Loki components would still be
available to whoever wants them, including people who use boost libraries. I
believe, therefore, that notwithstanding Loki's momentum and general
acceptance, we ought to be willing to evaluate the approaches you've used in
the usual way.


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