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From: mcseemagg_at_[hidden]
Date: 2001-11-29 11:26:20

I think the following may be interesting.

It is my freelance vector graphic project called "Anti-Grain
Geometry" (VectorAGG) for C++. It can be useful for those who need
some high-quality engineering or scientific graphic. Now it's version
V1.2.1 in sources for free.
For now the key features are:

- High quality and high performance Anti-Aliasing for all the graphic

- Alpha-Blending (if there's Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending is a must)

- Color interpolation for lines and filled triangles (and Alpha-
Interpolation as well)

- Elimination the "bleeding" effect when drawing contiguous facets

- Very gradual changing of thickness of the lines (actually 1/16 or
1/32 of pixel)

- Virtual high resolution coordinates (also 1/16 or 1/32 of pixel) -
the lines are drawn in accordance with hi-res coordinates

- Linear transformations (rotate, scale, mirror)

- There Win32 platform is used but actually all code is platform
independent (for 32- or 64-bit platforms). All Win-dependent code is
strictly localized.

- Some demo examples

- Great quality and great performance in comparison with Microsoft
Direct Animation (especially quality).

If it's interesting I could distribute it for free (under the GNU
General Public License).

If it looks like "inventing a wheel" I discovered that real high-
quality graphical libraries are whether inaccessible or whether they
actually are not as "high-quality" as they claim.
So, I could not find an appropriate solution for my tasks.

There's no Web-site yet and if someone is interested in using (and
further development and distribution) this project I would appreciate
any cooperation. mcseemagg_at_[hidden]


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