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From: corwinjoy (cjoy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-09 03:59:16

--- In boost_at_y..., "David Abrahams" <david.abrahams_at_r...> wrote:
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> From: "corwinjoy" <cjoy_at_h...>
> > In the case of vec_multiset the bookkeeping that goes on behind
> > scenes is primarily to make sure we maintain this 'positional
> > invariant'. In fact, whether you are holding objects directly or
> > simply holding pointers to the underlying objects I don't see how
> > can maintain the position of an iterator without using bookkeeping
> > (or an address search to find where you are) if the sorting
> > is a vector (the standard containers don't have this problem as
> > are using linked nodes). Here I would be curious to understand
> > the other proposed containers handle this issue. For example in
> > associative indirect vector code, I don't really see how the
> > iterator would account for this?
> The associative indirect vector offers stability of pointers and
> How does your sorted vector account for that?
> I'm being facetious, of course. The answer to your question is
simple: they
> trade iterator stability for other useful properties. However, I'm
sure you
> already understood that, so I am wondering the purpose of your
> -Dave

Actually, it was a genuine question, I wasn't 100% certain that the
associative vector code might not have kind of smart trick I just
missed in the indirect iterator that gave iterator stability (or
perhaps there were good reasons why this was felt to be
unnecessary). Anyway, my main goal was to discuss this as a property
for sorted associated containers. Obviously, the necessary
bookkeeping adds overhead - maybe for many applications it is not
needed and/or perhaps this bookkeeping could be factored out of the
container. In other words, a container could expose two types of
iterators: 'fast' ones that don't try to maintain iterator stability,
and 'slower' ones that do maintain stability. This bookkeeping would
be a property that was independent of whether the containter held
objects by value or by pointer to value.

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