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From: Kresimir Fresl (fresl_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-21 02:02:12

I don't know what happened to my yesterdays mail:

I received only the attachments, but the boost archive has
complete post:

Here is the textual part again, just in case:


jhrwalter wrote:

> Kresimir Fresl <fresl_at_g...> wrote:

>>>> Why ublas uses `non-standard' names `reference_type', [...]
>>>> instead of almost standard `reference', [...] ?

>>> To differentiate types and variables [;-)] It's time to change them
>>> to standard conforming names.

>> I can try,

> This would be very helpful [...]

> The major change as far as I see is replacing (const_)
> reference_type with (const_)reference and (const_)pointer_type with
> (const_)pointer. This should work with simple 'search and replace'.

Done. Changed files are in the attached zip file (

I partially tested them: I tried to compile test1.
I used g++ version 3.0.3 with -DUSE_GCC.

I think that the problems that I encountered are not caused by
type name changes, because they also apear with your original
files. (Looking back, I think that I never before tried to compile all
tests ;O)

With test11.cpp there were no problems.

Both in test12.cpp and in test13.cpp, when USE_BOUNDED_ARRAY
and USE_VECTOR_OF_VECTOR are defined, `bad_alloc' exception
is thrown.

Combination USE_MATRIX and USE_STD_VECTOR can not be
compiled. I attached compete error message for `float'
(file std_vec_error); for `double' and `complex<>' error messages
are similar. In short, problem is conversion from `const float* const' to
`float*' in g++'s header stl_iterator.h, which is triggered from

Other combinations of #defines in test12 and test13 can be compiled
and executed.



PS. I will not be in Zagreb for next few days, but when I return, I
will try other tests.

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